Our counseling is valuable because we speak one language with decision makers. Our executive team grew up from large corporates & cross-border investment businesses. Our rules are governed by transparent, honest and WIN-WIN principles. We believe that final decision maker, does the same. 

We differ from other consultancy boards – we are over attentive to details & performance. We think & do one step ahead. If our client has a target – we will reach it.

We select most professional providers to intensify investments, strategic communications or sales channels. Selection is based on a tender basis that guarantees the best conditions to our clients. 

We care about risks but follow the aggressive benchmarks. Individual «umbrella marketing programs», innovative solutions and creative technics. This is truly an exclusive service.  

Communications & long-lasting relationships are forefront directions. We optimize your message and tune in key advantages on confidential basis. Focus only on target audience.

We are more than just brand experts. We know who to carry through your brand’ visibility & value.


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Moscow City, Federation Tower Vostok 


Tel: +7 926 228 9848

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