We are the independent Moscow based consulting boutique focused on:  

Management Company for Practical Advising 

Bridging all elements for your sustainable  


1.  Fundamental business approach

2.  Results-oriented practical promotion

3.  Top-tier relevant partners

4.  Multi-format and 360° development 

5.  Strong PR/GR/IR sides

6.  Premier brands expertise




- Providing investment opportunities across Russian market

- Consultancy for deals structuring & source of funds 
- Attracting financing and investors  

- Relationship management with corporates, investors, government bodies, NGO


- Synthesis of business opportunities 
- Working out effective tools for business and market development 
- Creating myriad marketing programs and activities for sales & promotion, delivery channels origination

- Fundraising & sponsorships  

- E-Commerce and trade marketing activities 

- Building up a network of strategic communications, market positioning and brand visibility

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